Buy One GIVE One Through LJC!

Since 2008 we've used proceeds from Liberty Jane Clothing to impact the lives of seamstresses and children around the world. Today we're announcing the next step in that journey. We are transforming our company into a more deeply child-focused, seamstress driven business.


What Will We Do?


Starting in June 2014 - For every doll clothing product purchased from (including we'll provide a dress to a girl in need, or a messenger bag for a boy struggling to stay in school - each time we sell an item - a child will receive a blessing.


We've admired the buy-one-give-one model for a long-time. Now it's our turn to implement it.


How Will It Work?


Our Buy-One-Give-One model isn't simply a handout. It's a way to transform the lives of seamstresses striving to establish their sewing businesses! How? By establishing a twenty-two person-sewing cooperative in Ngombe Compound in Lusaka Zambia we are working closely with local seamstresses who will be making girls dresses and boys messenger bags.


What Happens Next?


When you buy a product from Liberty Jane Clothing we place an order for a girls dress or a boys messenger bag with the Ngombe seamstress cooperative. They make the item, are paid a generous wage for their work (relative to their local context) and the item is finished and distributed to a child in need through a local ministry partner.


Where Is Ngombe?


Ngombe (pro-nounced "gom-bay") Compound is one of the most challenging communities in Lusaka Zambia. Ngombe is home to 125,000 Zambians, a large majority of them are under 15. The Needs Care Center is a community school for 900 children from Kindergarten to seventh grade. 638 of them have lost both parents to HIV/AIDS, TB, or Malaria. Many of them are HIV positive. The Needs Care Center provides hope, education, food, and support to these children in need.


Who Are The Seamstresses?


The Ngombe Clothing Cooperative seamstresses are local women who have a heart for the children of the community. They are moms and grandmas - all struggling to make a better life for their families and their community. They are passionate about learning the sewing craft - as a way to improve their lives. Learn more - and even sponsor one of them at